Kyanite & Titanium Medium Pendant


80mm x 15mm


This pendant is a Kingfisher blue which shows different hues when it moves under the light.  It has been made from black Kyanite which has been coated in Titanium, giving it am  iridescent sheen. It  is unique and stunning.  It looks as though the Aurora Borealis has been captured in a gemstone.


Black kyanite is a powerful protective stone on its own, and this titanium bonding magnifies the strength of its protective energies. Titanium aura is created when a stone is bonded with titanium in a permanent treatment (meaning that you can’t wash it and remove it).


It has been set in a claw setting and has a very generous bale enabling it to be worn on all our necklaces.

Kyanite & Titanium Pendant

SKU: SS0255