Lapis Lazuli Swing Pendant


85mm x 52mm


This is a beauty!  This Royal Blue teardrop pendant is made with a lovely Lapis Lazuli which has been set in silver and hinged from a swing setting which enables it to sit well on the chest. 


Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began.  Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty.   Lapis Lazuli was among the most highly prized tribute paid to Egypt, obtained from the oldest mines in the world, worked from around 4000 BC and still in use today. 


It would look sensational on our Lapis Lazuli bead necklace, but would also look stunning on one of our silver collars.  


There are earrings and studs available to go with this amazing pendant

Lapis Lazuli Swing Pendant

SKU: SS0718