Lapis Lazuli Triangular Earrings


44mm x 25mm (measured from top of hook to base of earring)


These fabulous  earrings have been made using two triangular Lapis Lazuli stones which have been framed in silver.


Lapis was used by the Egyptians and it can be seen decorating the tombs of the Egyptian mummies, covering the gates of the Babylonian cities, adorning the rings, bracelets and necklaces of Roman nobility.


Lapis is known as the Stone of Communication.  It is said to give you confidence and courage to overcome uncertainty and insecurity and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 


This pendant can be worn on most of our necklaces but not the heavy silver collar which is a little too thick to go through the bale.  

Lapis Lazuli Triangular Earrings

SKU: SS0886