Saturn Moonstone Pendant


55mm x 40mm


This unique silver pendant has been handmade in the form of the planet Saturn at the centre of which sits a circular opalescent Moonstone.  The stone is of high quality and it reflects shades of blue when the light hits it - fascinating for the people looking at it!  


Moonstone is such a beautiful stone.  The pearly white colour enables it to be worn with any outfit.  


This charming, unique, pendant contains a thick square Rainbow Moonstone which has been set in silver.   It has a great depth of colour when it catches the light.  


This pendant would look delightful on any of our necklaces.  


Moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope which enhancing creativity, compassion, ensurance and inner confidence.


We have rings and earrings to complement this pendant. 

Saturn Moonstone Pendant

SKU: SS0698