Shattuckite Freeform Pendant


54mm x 25mm


This pendant contains a stunning vivid blue Shattuckite.  It has a fantastic depth of colour - turquoise and dark blues intermingling throughout the stone.   It has been set in sterling silver.  


Shattuckite is known to be a stone of intuition bringing clarity of mind bringing thoughts and ideas that can easily be translated to others.  


Shattuckite is named after the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. It is a mix of Azurite, Chrysocolla and Malachite, which explains its vivid colouring. Shattuckite is said to be a sacred and spiritual stone that helps to clarify thoughts and may be helpful in the development of psychic abilities like writing and telepathy.


Shattuckite Freeform Pendant

SKU: SS0717