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Is any of your jewellery silver plated?

No. Everything should be stamped with the Sterling Silver Hallmark 925 (except where there isn’t space on the item).

Why is the stone pendant I received not the same as the one on the photograph?

All the semi-precious stones are unique.  We cannot replicate them and we try to keep on top of photos to show the current ones in stock but this is not always possible.

Is everything handmade?

No - the more expensive and intricate pieces are made specially but some of the simpler items are mass produced.

How do you find silversmiths?

By asking around the local villages in Thailand and Bali and then looking carefully at examples of their work.

Who makes your pearl necklaces?

We do! We string and knot in between each pearl or bead to ensure that if the necklace were to snap then none of the pearls would be lost.

Will these earrings/studs turn my ears black or make them swell?

They shouldn‘t do because they are sterling silver.  If they contain Nickel, you could well react to that.

What is Abalone?

Abalone (also known as Paua) is a sea snail/mollusc and the inner coating of their shells has been used in jewellery for many years. They are most prolific around New Zealand, though they are found in other areas too. It is now grown commercially too. In Bali the people eat the inside.  It is good to know that nothing is wasted.

Do Customs check what you are bringing back from abroad? 

Yes.  They can hold onto it to check the silver content and that the prices declared match up to the contents of the boxes.

Why do you sell coral items when coral is endangered?

We buy coral which has been taken from a dead piece, and then dyed to be used in pieces of jewellery. We do not support any trade which endangers natural resources and wildlife.

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