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Bumble Bee Jasper Cloud Pendant


50mm  x  40mm




You can certainly see why this pendant is named "Bumble Bee" Jasper!  With its vibrant yellow, this pendant is a real eye-catcher.  


This fabulous stone has been cut in the shape of a cloud and cleverly enhanced by its silver frame, culminating in a loop which also serves as a bail. 

The vivid central stripe of yellow running vertically down the centre is sandwiched between strips of dark grey and brown.   A real talking point!!!!


Bumble Bee Jasper is said to give courage, releasing deep-seated fears with a laugh and ensuring you to see the actual truth about ourselves in a positive light. 


There are  earrings and studs to accompany this pendant.


Bumble Bee Jasper Cloud Pendant

SKU: SS0848
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