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Larger Pearl Necklace


16" - 22"


This necklace has been made from freshwater large pearls.   They have been individually knotted between each pearl and a Sterling Silver clasp has been added so that pendants and brooches can be easily added.  


This necklace looks fabulous at all times; particularly with the Mother of Pearl pendants. 


The pearls can also be worn on their own. 

If you are unsure about sizing, the basic rule of thumb is that someone who takes a size 8/10 in clothes with need the 16" length; size 12/14 will need 18"; size 20 will need 20" and the 22" pearls are for size 22/24.  Please stipulate the size you  need in the dropdown box below. 



Large Pearls

SKU: SS0240
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