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Rhodochrosite Loop Pendant


50mm  x  55mm


Rhodochrosite has earned the name "Stone of the Compassionate Heart".   The subtle pull that many feel for Rhodochrosite is undeniable. Its soft rose-pinks and vibrant red stones emit an aura of compassion, self-love, and healing.


The stone in this pendant has particularly lovely markings.  The striking shades of pinks with banded hues are rare. This has led to the market ensuring that medium intensity pinks with striking colour bands are the more expensive option. Rhodochrosite is a gemstone of the heart, and as such romance, love, emotional healing, and good energy fall under its sway.

This pendant has been framed in sterling silver culminating in a generous bail which will fit onto any of our necklaces.


There are earrings to accompany this pendant. 

Rhodochrosite Loop Pendant

SKU: SS0983
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